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Why do you say it has the soul of the old 500?

You can easily recognize it as a 500 but it is totally new. More interior space but same proportions with a new character and more presence. The new Fiat 500 entails the elements of the previous generations, remaining the iconic city car with the same proportions in terms of style and clean design, always classic and cool at the same time.

What are the main technical features?

The main technical features are the following:
- WLTP Range: up to 199 miles*
- Fast Charge standard: 85kW.
- Combo 2 smart charging ports.
- 11kW AC on board charger.
- EV Driving Mode selector with 3 driving modes.
- Remote and charge scheduling.
- All new infotainment system with connected services.
- Autonomous Driving level 2.

How much bigger is it compared to the current 500?

The new Fiat 500 is +61mm longer, +56mm wider and boasts a +22mm longer wheelbase. Internally, front occupants headroom has increased by +10mm, front seats internal width by +42mm and stotage capacity by +4.2 Lt.

What is the range of the New 500?

Up to 199 miles in WLTP combined cycle*

Is fast charge standard on all trims/models?

On «la Prima» the fast charge is standard (up to 85 kW). The rest of the new Fiat 500 range will be revealed later during this year.

Will there be addional trims/versions other than the La Prima?

«la Prima» is a showcase of 500’s highest level of technology and design. Later this year however, other trims/versions will be introduced to complete the New 500 lineup.

What are the main differences between the “La Prima” and other versions to be revealed later this year?

«la Prima» will be the epitome of the New 500, and includes as standard all the brand new contents in terms of style and technology available for the car. «la Prima» also features some exclusive contents like the monogram roof, the exclusive interiors with leather free dashboard and seats and a numbered plate for the first 500 units.
*Electric range data given is preliminary and has been determined according to WLTP test procedure methodology. The preliminary values might differ from official final type approval data.

What are the available exterior colours to choose from?

The New Fiat 500 «la Prima» will be available with three brand new colours all inspired by the nature: Mineral Grey (metallic) to represent the Earth, Ocean Green (micalized), to represent the sea and Celestial Blue (tricoat) as a tribute to the sky. The colours available on the range of New 500 will be revealed during this year.

Why did you present the new Fiat 500 just in convertible version?

The New Fiat 500 cabrio is the most iconic body for our little jewel, and makes it the first fully-electric four-seater convertible to go on sale.

Will you have Seaqual interiors as it was for the Hybrid?

On the new Fiat 500 «la Prima» we will have brand new premium leather free interiors, the rest of the new Fiat 500 range will be revealed during this year.

Will the new Fiat 500 also be available as a hatchback?

All the details about the full Fiat 500 lineup will be revealed during the year.

Does the new Fiat 500 offer the “One pedal driving” experience?

The new Fiat 500 is equipped with an EV mode selector that gives the driver 3 choices to manage the best driving style: NORMAL, RANGE and SHERPA.
The NORMAL mode offers a driving style highly reselmbles that of the internal combustion engine cars, with a reduced intrusion of the EV typical regeneration effect on the brake pedal.
The RANGE mode on the contrary includes the ONE PEDAL DRIVE experience, that maximizes regeneration by combining conventional acceleration, using the right-hand pedal, with a much higher degree of deceleration than in a conventional car.
When the driver lifts off the pedal, the car slows down more quickly than an internal-combustion-powered car would, coming to a complete stop under some circumstances.
The driver still has to use the brake pedal to come to a complete stop, but once accustomed to this technoclogy, the user may only need to hit the brakes for emergency situations, gradually reducing the need to lift the right foot from one pedal to another.
The SHERPA mode optimizes residual range, through a smoother and lower accelerator pedal response. Limits the maximum speed at 49 mph. Ventilation systems and auxiliaries (heated seats, windshield, mirrors) are automatically turned off by the vehicle, even though the driver is always allowed to turn them on.

What is the Price of the «la Prima»?

The price of «la Prima» Convertible is £32.995 before any available incentive.
As an electric car, the new Fiat 500 «la Prima» will be able to benefit (subject to customer eligibility checks) from local or state incentives. For full information, always consult the official websites of the relevant local or state authorities.


What is the Battery range*?

The new Fiat 500 comes with a 42 kWh battery, capable of a WLTP range of up to 199 miles.
Electric range data given is preliminary and has been determined according to WLTP test procedure methodology. The preliminary values might differ from official final type approval data.

Which type of battery is used on the new Fiat 500?

We use a Lithium-Ion, Gen 3a; cathode NMC, anode Graphite.

Where is the battery pack placed inside the car?

It is integrated within the chassis, located below the underbody, with no impact on interior space and luggage compartment.

What will be the warranty on the battery?

The battery is covered with a warranty of 8 years or 160k km (whichever comes first).

Does the car have heating pump?

The vehicle is equipped with a high-voltage heater. Heated front seats are also available as an optional extra, which deliver immediate heating comfort, thus reducing the use of the high-voltage heater. Cabin pre-conditioning is also available, allowing the user to set the preffered cabin temprature from their mobile phone before they get to the vehicle.

App services related to the placement of charging points?

Yes, of course: White label app integrated directly in the FIAT app will allow you to find, book and pay for your charge. There will be an available network of more than 130.000 charging points all over Europe.

Are the charging points displayed on the car’s navigation system?

Yes. Additionally, the navigation system also identifies the nearest charging points based on the route inserted, battery consumption of the car and available charge to get you to a charging station.

Who is the supplier of the batteries in the new Fiat 500?

The supplier of the battery is SAMSUNG.

Which type of plug is used for the charging port?

New 500 «la Prima» will be equipped with a Combo Plug (CCS2), including a type 2 connector that enables both Home/Public AC charging and DC fast charging. Type 2 Plug is the most popular and widely used as it’s a standard used in Europe.

How does SHERPA MODE work?

The Sherpa mode can be activated at any time to minmise energy consumption. It manages energy consumption by controlling speed, acceleration, ventilation and auxiliaries to maximize range.


Is the wallbox capable of fast charge in DC and if so, how long does it take?

No. The wallbox works only for AC domestic charge up to 7kW. Fast charge in DC only exists out of home through public fast chargers, for which the New 500 La Prima is already equipped with the proper plug and recharging software. With fast charging, it takes about 5 minutes to charge for daily city commute (30 miles) and 35 minutes for 80% of charge.

How long does it take to charge?

There are different charging options for the New 500, all of them are standard with “la Prima» :
- Domestic charging (up to 3 kW AC) with a mode 2 charging cable – Timing from 0% to 100% charge: 15h15’
- Public charging (11 kW AC) with a mode 3 charging cable – Timing from 0% to 100% charge: 4h15’
- Fast Charge (85 kW DC) with cable already connected to charger – Timing for 0% to 80% charge: 35’ (35' time is not valid to recharge from 20% to 100%) with this solution you can charge your daily usage (30miles) in 5 minutes.

How long is the Mode 3 Cable?

The cable is around 6m long.

What does Bluetooth connectivity on the Easy Wallbox mean?

Bluetooth Connectivity function of the Easy Wallbox allows the user to set the maximum power available to allow the dynamic load management, daily charging timer, data tracking (charging power/timing/duration), reboot, etc.

Is the wallbox included with the purchase of the New 500 «la Prima»?

Yes, the Easy Wallbox will be included in the price of ‘La Prima’. This wallbox is a ‘plug&charge’ system with no requirement for professional installation for 2,3kW use. The Easy Wallbox is upgradeable to Mode 3, 7.4kW, allowing a full charge in around 6h.

Will you offer some special or additional services or packages, together with the wallbox?

The wallbox is included in the price of «la Prima», together with cable Mode 3 for public charging. Additional services will be disclosed at a later date in the year.


Which kind of engine equips the new 500?

The new Fiat 500 is equipped with an EDM (ELECTRIC DRIVE MODULE) including an E-Motor with Permanent Magnet and a Gearbox with 9.6:1 ratio. The engine power is 87 kW.

What is the performance of the car?

Top speed: 93 mph (limited)
Acceleration: 9.0 sec 0-62 mph, 3.1 sec 0-31 mph

Maintenance: First year or 15,000 km (whichever first), same as ICE. Each scheduled maintenance service includes electric components and High Voltage Battery checks.

Maintenance costs: scheduled maintenance costs are expected to be much lower than ICE model (up to -35%). The reduction is mainly driven by the absence of many components which have a strong impact on maintenance cost (engine oil, oil filter, air filter, antifreeze liquid, gearbox fluid, spark plugs, belts, clutch, silencer, radiator (and pipework), power steering fluid, alternator, starting motor).
Running cost: Running cost is reduced versus ICE models thanks to lower cost of energy, lower cost of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and taxation.

Technology – ADAS

Which ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) are standard on the new 500?

On the opening edition «la Prima» you will have the following ADAS technologies available:
- Autonomous Driving Level 2 (FIAT CO-DRIVER)
- Autonomous Emergency Brake with pedestrian and cyclist detection
- Lane keep assist
- Intelligent Speed Assistant
- Attention assist (Drowsy Driver detection)
- Auto headlamp on
- Traffic sign recognition and information
- Emergency Call
- Blind spot detection
- Electric park brake
- 360° drone view parking sensor
- High resolution rearview camera with dynamic guidelines

What about the level2 autonomous driving?

Level 2 autonomous driving (FIAT CO-DRIVER) will perform longitudinal controls thanks to an iACC (intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control) able to keep speed and distance and to adapt speed to road speed limits. Lane Centering will perform lateral control by keeping the vehicle centered within the lane. iACC can be activated when speed will reach 18 mph, and will be able to follow to a full stop. Lane Centering can be activated when speed will reach 37 mph. We are the first to offer this kind of technology on a city car.

Will all the ADAS features be available at launch?

The main ADAS features, including the CO-DRIVER (Level 2 Autonomous Driving) will be available and standard on «la Prima».


What are the main features of the new infotainment system?

The all new UConnect 5 infotainment system has been designed in order to deliver a smartphone-like user experience to the occupants: Big touch screen 10.25’’, with smartphone projection (Android Auto and Wireless CarPlay); Faster connection (less than 5 secs pairing); Mix and match content to build your own interface (up to three widgets per pages, up to 5 pages, customize your quick actions on 1st surface); embedded Navigation by Tom Tom, with enhanced natural voice recognition. A full TFT 7’’ instrument cluster offers high definiton display, Driving, entertainment, active safety, navigation, phone & media information. Advanced processor ensures a fluid experience.

Is the new infotainment standard on the New 500?

The new infotainment is standard on «la Prima».

Can the system be upgraded remotely?

The new infotainment system can be updated with over-the-air technology.

Can I recharge my smartphone wirelessly?

Yes, thanks to the smartphone wireless charging pad located in the dedicate storage compartment.

Can I connect my smartphone to the car wirelessly?

CarPlay is already available for a wireless connection with the new UConnect 5 Infotainment system. The infotainment system is Android Auto Wireless ready.

Does CarPlay and Android auto connectivity come as standard?

Yes, they are standard on «la Prima»

What more can you do with the new Infotainment that wasn’t possible on the old one?

Uconnect 5 combined with the Telematic Box Module not only provides the mandatory Emergency Call feature, but also a number of innovative connectivity services:
- My Assistant: an assistance system allowing you to talk with an assistant and ask for help in the event of breakdown or receive support to resolve the issues. You will receive also a report via mail in which it’s possible to visualize current status of your vehicle.
- My Remote: lets you check the battery charge level from your smartphone; schedule vehicle charging during the most convenient time periods; know the exact location of your car; lock and unlock the doors and lights; schedule the air conditioning system.
- My Car: to check the condition of your car, immediately verifying various parameters from tire pressure to service schedule.
- My Navigation: though your mobile app you can send your desired destination to the cars’ navigation system, identify the route, check the traffic, weather conditions and speed cameras along the route; it’s possible to locate charging point stations nearby, and graphically display on the maps the reachable area based on real time battery level. Maps will be always kept up to date thanks to over the air updates
- My Wi-Fi: A true hotspot that connects up to eight electronic devices to the network at the same time, as if you were at home. My Wi-Fi also allows you to interact with your car by using the leading voice assistant technology of Amazon Alexa
- My Alert: thanks to this service you can immediately be alerted if your vehicle has been stolen. Once the theft is confirmed with a police report, security customer assistance helps to recovery it.


What is the reservation?

The reservation gives you the opportunity to join an exclusive group that will be the first to discover the new Fiat 500 «la Prima».

How does it work?

Visit, and click on “Be the first” and follow the user-friendly process.

How much is the reservation fee?

The reservation fee is £500, which will be fully refunded to you should you decide to order a Fiat 500 «la Prima» or not.

How long is the process to reserve?

The reservation is based on a “3 clicks” process:
1st click: Choose the colour of the car
2nd click: Data, registration and Dealer choice
3rd click: Payment of the refundable £500 reservation fee.

When can a customer order the car?

Order intake will open late 2020. In the meantime, you can reserve the right to be amongs the first to order the La Prima opening edition by booking your reservation.

When will the car be delivered to the customers?

First cars will start to be delivered to customers in the first quarter of 2021.

What is the advanatage of reserving a La Prima?

By paying a refundable reservation fee of £500.00 customers will have the opportunity to join an exclusive group, the first to discover the new Fiat 500 «la Prima». Customers will receive information on the new «la Prima» Fiat 500 before launch and will be amongst the first people with the option of ordering the new «la Prima» Fiat 500 from our retailers. Only the first 500 consumers who pay a refundable £500.00 reservation fee will receive the new «la Prima» Fiat 500 with the badge “La Prima 500e – United Kingdom 1 of 500”. All other new «la Prima» Fiat 500s outside of the initial 500 units will come without this badge.

Can I test drive the car before paying the reservation fee or placing the order?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to test-drive the car in advance.

How can I pay the £500.00 reservation fee?

By visiting the “be the first” section of the Fiat website you can pay the fee by card.

How will my bank card data be processed?

Your card details will at no point be accessible to FCA in its own systems. FCA has adopted procedures whereby only the operator identified by FCA to handle the payment of the £500.00 reservation fee can access these data.

Will my reservation fee automatically convert into a purchase contract?

No. We will inform you by e-mail when the new Fiat 500 «la Prima» can be ordered. Thereafter, you can go to your selected Fiat dealership, present the reservation code and stipulate a purchase agreement.

For how many cars can I pay the £500.00 reservation fee?

You can only pay the £500.00 reservation fee for one new Fiat 500 «la Prima».

Can I transfer my £500.00 reservation fee to another person?

No. Your £500.00 reservation fee will be under your name. If you know someone who is interested, they themselves will have to pay the reservation fee the website.

Will I be able to request a refund of my £500.00 reservation fee?

Customers may request a refund of the £500.00 reservation fee at any time until 4 weeks after ordering opens. Simply browse to the website and log in with the credentials created by the customer during registration. The funds paid for the £500.00 reservation fee remains the property of the customer and will not accrue interest. The £500.00 fee will be refunded to the customer within 15 business days of the refund request. In any event, even if FCA does not receive a refund request from the customer within 4 weeks of ordering opening FCA will automatically refund the reservation fee back to the customer within 15 business days

Will my £500.00 refundable fee be converted into an advance in the event of purchase?

No. The fee will always be refunded to you, even if you purchase the vehicle at a retailer. You will be contacted by the dealer you select and you will be able to place the order when the new Fiat 500 «la Prima» is available for ordering.

Will I have to select a preferred retailer?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail once the £500.00 reservation fee has been paid. If you have not selected a retailer during the reservation process, we will get in touch with you by e-mail so you can indicate your preferred retailer. You will be contacted by your retailer of choice to inform you about the possibility of placing an order of the new Fiat 500 «la Prima», should you decide to purchase the car.

What happens after I complete the reservation?

You will receive an e-mail confirming payment of the £500.00 reservation fee. Your name will then be included in a mailing list, so you can receive more details about the new Fiat 500 «la Prima». You will also receive a code for your refundable reservation fee of £500.00, which you must give to the Fiat retailers when you decide to order the new Fiat 500 «la Prima».

Can the retailer pay the reservation fee on my behalf?

No. Retailers cannot pay the £500.00 reservation fee on your behalf.

Can I pay the reservation fee over the phone?

No. You can only pay the £500.00 reservation fee online, via the dedicated platform on the Fiat website at

Can I order and pay for my new Fiat 500 «la Prima» online?

No. The order for the new Fiat 500 «la Prima» can only be made at the retailer you have selected. They will also provide you with detailed information on your possible payment options.

If I decide to order the new Fiat 500 «la Prima», what will happen to my £500.00 reservation fee?

Your £500.00 reservation fee will always be refunded to you, even if you decide to buy the new Fiat 500 «la Prima».

The new Fiat 500 «la Prima»- Opening Edition

How many “Opening edition” will be available in UK?

The first 500 consumers will get the the new Fiat 500 «la Prima» with the "la Prima 500e - United Kingdom 1 of 500" badge. All other units will be sold without this badge. The number of available cars outside of the initial 500 units will be revealed at a later date.

What are the main features of the new Fiat 500 «la Prima»?

«la Prima» Opening Edition is the top of the range limited edition featuring all brand new contents, epitomizing New 500 exclusiveness & newness. It has a unique product configuration across europe: 1 body (convertible), 3 colours. Main standard contents. EV Specific Features: fast charging 85kW, mode 3 charging cable. Exteriors: 17’’ Alloy Wheels diamond cut, LED projectors headlamps, Fiat monogram roof (specific for the Opening Edition), Dedicated
plate on C-pillar (specific for the Opening Edition). Interior/Comfort: Electric Parking Brake, Automatic A/C, Keyless Go + Passive Entry, Rain Sensor, Wireless Charging Pad, Leather free seats & wrapped dashboard fascia. Infotainment: TFT 7’’ Display, Radio 10’’ Touch Screen NAV, Digital Audio Broadcast., Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto, Telematic Box Module.
Safety: Autonomous Driving Level 2, 6 Airbags, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, Emergency Call, Traffic Sign Recognition & Information, Intelligent Speed Assist, Attention Assist (Drowsy Driver Detection), Autonomous Emergency Brake, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Detection, 360° Parking & Rear Camera.

What should I buy if the opening edition will be sold out?

«la Prima» is the version we used to kick off the launch of the New Fiat 500. Soon, other versions/trims will be available.

How many colours?

Three all-new colours inspired by the nature are available: Mineral Grey (metallic) to represent the Earth, Ocean Green (micalized), to represent the sea, Celestial Blue (tricoat) as a tribute to the sky. All inspired by the nature.

How many interiors?

One exclusive interior with a leather free dashboard fascia & leather free seats with Fiat monogram.

Is the Opening Edition only covertible?

Initially yes, but more dervatives will be announced in the near future.

I am one of the intial 500 customers. Can I choose the number of the opening edition/La Prima?

The cars will be numbered but not with a progressive sequence, meaning the plate will always read “La Prima 500e – United Kingdom 1 of 500”

When the Opening Edition will be sold out, what can I buy?

During the year we will reveal the rest of our range, so there is more to come.

How much will the new Fiat 500 «la Prima» cost?

The price of the new Fiat 500 «la Prima» will be £32,995. As an electric car, the new Fiat 500 «la Prima» will be able to benefit (subject to customer eligibility checks) from local or state incentives. For full information, always consult the official websites of the relevant local or state authorities.