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Incentives and advantages

Fiat GOe LIVE app

Discover all the advantages of an electric car with Fiat GOe LIVE app, tracking the driving behavior of any car and comparing it to the New Fiat 500. Estimate the cost of each trip and find out the total savings you could get with the New Fiat 500.

Discover The Incentives

Enter your postcode to find information relating to national and/or local incentives* in your area, offered to private buyers of fully electric passenger cars
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Unfortunately there aren't any available incentives* for this postcode.

*The purpose of this tool is to give you an indicative estimate of the possible incentive/tax benefit value related to the purchase of an electric passenger car by a customer. The value shown is the sum of the incentives/tax benefit envisaged by national legislation and/or local rules linked to the entered postcode. Please always verify on the official websites of the competent (local or national) authorities value and availability of the incentives/tax benefit and if you have all requirements to obtain them. Please note that the information collected by the calculator is updated on a monthly basis. The correct value of the incentive/tax benefit provided by national legislation will be available at the time of order at the selected dealer. Local incentives are available upon customer’s request.

There are many national and local incentives to purchase a fully electric car.
Find out all the benefits of electric mobility.
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The simulator provides a purely indicative estimate of the economic savings potentially available through choosing an electric Fiat 500, by comparing it to the user’s current, standard, combustion-engine car. The estimate obtained is, in no case, a guarantee of actual savings. The homologation values ​​of the 5oo’s electric energy consumption present in the simulator are based on the WLTP cycle. These values ​​are indicated in order to enable comparison of different vehicles’ data and may not be representative of actual energy consumption values, which depend on multiple factors such as driving style, route, weather and road conditions, the state, the usage patterns and equipment of the vehicle etc. Users independently enter data relating to the number of kilometers, route type and energy costs and FCA assumes no responsibility for the same. The simulator’s estimate of the economic savings can differ, even significantly, according to multiple factors, such as, for example, driving style and conditions, type of route, weather conditions, air conditioning of the passenger compartment, vehicle status, battery charge level and age, etc. Therefore, FCA assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the estimate of potential economic savings calculated with the simulator. The simulator envisages a year consisting of 350 days, of which 250 days per week and 100 weekend days and also assumes 15 days of non-use of the vehicle. FCA is not responsible for any decision to purchase an electric 5oo by users based on the results provided by the simulator; likewise, nor is it responsible for any information about the electric 5oo provided by the simulator.

City regulations
Electric cars have more freedom to move around cities: discover how electric mobility can change your everyday life.