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Why join FCA Drivers Club?

Perks of the job continue here.

Driver’s Club page

The FCA Drivers Club is here to support and reward company car drivers. Whether you drive an FCA brand including Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Jeep® or Fiat Professional, or whether you drive a different manufacturer vehicle, joining the club brings benefits.

If you drive a FCA Vehicle:

  • Access to exclusive test drive events
  • Welcome gift
  • Discount on genuine accessories
  • Privilege purchase scheme for personal FCA car purchases

If you don’t drive a FCA vehicle:

  • Access to exclusive test drive events
  • We can help arrange your company car test drive
  • Access to newsletters with regular updates on our products and services

To speak to our team to find out more :

Call the business centre 0808 281 0401